About Us

A room should start a conversation before people actually start exchanging words

One's living environment is the reflection of one's personality: hence flaunt it in the right manner - this is the vision of Nyla Amjad Asghar, a talented designer who started her career in interior and furniture design after graduating from NCA and now caters to a selected clientele in Pakistan and abroad.

Nyla derives her inspiration from her customers' needs; creating minimalistic, elegant, balanced designs to create an environment of calm and tranquility. She aims to provide clients with an experience of modern living by offering flexible solutions without compromising on quality. Her furniture and accessories are customized and coordinated as she takes a hands-on approach in the development and design of each product.

Nyla employs only the best craftsmen and uses the finest, seasoned rose wood (sheesham) for her creations. Her use of bespoke polish finishes and bold colored fabrics set each apart and reflect her unique style. Her products encompass a wide range of not only furniture but also accessories including cushions, trays, placemats & wooden lamps.